Windows 10 RSAT and Windows Server 2016 Preview

The Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Gabe Aul has responded on Twitter stating that the company plans to launch its Windows Server 2016 technical preview and Windows 10 RSAT later this month.
Not much is known about the previews of Windows 10 RSAT and those of Windows Server 2016 yet which is unprecedented. Generally the previews of Microsoft products are available much in advance before their release however this time almost nothing is known about these Windows products yet and it remains to be seen what Microsoft has to offer. Though nothing is revealed yet, it is quite possible that the latest releases will not be mere fixing of bugs and some other little tweaks and there will much more on the platter to be offered by Microsoft.

The technical previews of Windows 10 Remote Server Administration Tools were last updated back in January and it has been 7 months since then that the company is yet to release an update. Windows 10 RSAT is developed to work in concurrence with Windows Server and will enable administration of systems remotely. Although the exact dates of release have not been declared yet, according to Aul, it will be before the advent of the month of September.

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