Windows 10 Build 9926: Get New Hidden Logon Screen

To check latest updates and features that Microsoft is adding to coming Windows 10, we’ve downloaded the recent Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926, to give it a shot what amendments are done. Not a too long ago Microsoft have introduced new version of Windows 10 as a Technical Preview that will work as a new generation operating system, built for working seamlessly across all device including computer, tablets and smartphones. Yes, one operating system working across all Windows device.

In the Technical Preview of Windows 10 they have added numbers of new features along with new powerful search bar called Hey Cortana that we will discuss about this later.

And, as we all know that Windows users love to customize their system and so as we do 🙂 Thanks to this habit, what we’ve found, as a new addition, is the hidden feature which are not available publicly for testing. Credit goes to Bavo for discovering a new hidden Logon Screen in Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926. In a straightforward way, there is no option or setting in latest build to test the new hidden screen but we can enable it via Windows 10 Registry Settings.

In case you also want to try it, here are the steps:

[post-step]1[/post-step] Open your Registry Editor and find out the following key:
[post-step]2[/post-step] Under TestHooks key > Double-Click on Threshold DWORD value and set it to 1 from 0.



[post-step]3[/post-step] That’s it! You have completed all the steps except important one and that is testing of new hidden Logon Screen. This not hard enough, you can Logout or use Switch User option ( Win Key + L ) to test new Logon screen.


So this is the new customization that Microsoft will be including in the final build of latest Windows 10.

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