Who Needs A Professional Camera With Smart-Phones in Market!

Now a day, one’s life has become so smooth with the smartphones. Looking for a restaurant? Open an app on the phone and search it. A music freak? One can choose the app according to the kind of music one likes and enjoy the favourite songs on the go! There is an application for everything in the smartphone, no?

Now, the best feature of a smart phone is the camera. The camera quality of a phone, makes it even more attractive. So there are lots of applications that can help one click pictures and edit them according to one’s choice. If one likes to click pictures, but is not very good with a camera? Not to worry, as here are a few tips that can help in improving the pictures taken from a phone.


Closeness is the key!

Many of the smartphones have camera sensors, that get active when the phone is near to the object one needs to click. These small sensors make it easier to focus on the object in the frame.

Crop rather than Zoom!

The zoom feature is best to be ignored as it reduces the quality of the image. It is always better to click whole picture and then crop what is wanted. This way one is sampling pixels rather them stretching them, and degrading the image.


No Filtering, Only Editing!

It is always advised to click the picture with original settings of the smart-phone camera rather than applying effects in advance. After the picture is clicked, then one can use various applications on the smart phones to edit with sharpness, contrast, etc.

No Fake Blurs!

Actual camera never adds an even blur to the whole frame, that an app for a smart phone does. So, to keep it natural keep the main object in the center, focus on it and snap!

Choose App wisely!

With hundreds of photo editing applications in the market, it is not easy to choose one. But this is very important for a good picture. Download a few good ones, practice and learn. After a best of all is decided, delete the extras.

No Flash, please!

A flash from a smartphone can be the enemy of the picture. These are just LED lights that have been glorified to add extra brightness. These flashlights do not do the actual job, rather blur the image and lights them up unnaturally.


Clean Lens!

Well, this is definitely the most important thing while clicking the pictures. The dirty lens contributes to only hazy gloomy and dark pictures. Some people even complain the camera quality, rather than checking the cleanliness of their smart phone camera lens.

These are some simple tips, that if kept in mind, can deliver some beautiful images. Who says one needs a professional camera to click beautiful pictures? Smart phones are self sufficient with good camera quality, high-quality lens and some amazing app to work wonders on the clicks.

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