Ways To Scan A Document Using Smartphones

Scanning documents has always been a boring affair and the most time consuming. Whether you have a flatbed or a roller scanner, it is one of the most irritating tasks. You need to carry those bulky documents all the way to those bulky scanners which not only occupy space but take a lot of time to scan even a single document.

But, what if you were given an option to complete your scanning tasks in a simple and quick manner without having to use a scanner at all? All you need is a smartphone and a scanning application and you can scan any document instantaneously!

Wouldn’t that just save your time and efforts but will make you look like a tech expert in front of your colleagues? Sounds amazing, right? Let’s find out what options do we have and how your smartphone can be converted into a scanning machine.

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One of the most popular apps for scanning documents using your smartphone, CamScanner is a feature rich and swift application. You can scan, sync and store your documents using CamScanner and create digital copies for your documents using the camera of your smartphone. The application optimises the images of the documents scanned by you and crop, straighten and enhance the quality of the images taken by you using your device camera.

The application allows saving the scanned images into PDF or JPG file format and has an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature incorporated into it which identifies texts in a scanned image and converts the document into an editable text document.



TurboScan is an efficient document scanner and has several features which make it a great tool for scanning your documents using a smartphone. The application has auto detection capabilities which scan the edges of the documents and straighten these images. You can optimise your scanned documents using TurboScan and make changes to the brightness, contrast, colour presets, shadows, colour controls and many similar aspects of your scanned document.

The application allows making instant changes to the scanned documents using single tap and all the edit options are available on a single screen. TurboScan’s ‘email to myself’ option allows instant mailing to the defined email address and also on various online storage resources.

Genius Scan+

Genius Scan+ quickly scans multiple documents using the camera of your smartphone and allows these documents to be saved in JPG or PDF formats. You can instantly email these documents or upload these documents on cloud storage options such as Dropbox, Box and Evernote which are integrated with this app.

The application is feature rich and can correct the perspective of the scanned images through its smart page detection feature. The documents can be exported to any other application which supports PDF and JPG file formats.


Google Drive

Google Drive despite being a cloud storage app is an efficient document scanner which enables you to scan your documents using the camera of your mobile phone in a swift manner. The application scans and saves documents in PDF format. You simple need to tap on the app icon and click on the camera option. Google Drive takes care of the rest.

Google Drive features OCR scanning capability which can easily detect texts in a scanned document. This can further be converted into a text document and can be edited further. The documents scanned using this app are automatically stored in your Google Drive and can be accessed from anywhere.

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Evernote is another cloud storage application which is an efficient document scanner. It helps you instantaneously scan your documents using the camera of your device and save these scans in PDF format. Evernote has an inbuilt OCR feature and hence text documents can easily be scanned and saved for further edits.

All you need to do is to click on the plus sign button of the application and scan the document. The interface of the application is well designed and allows scanning of multiple documents. You can therefore scan multiple pages without having to leave the scanner interface of the application. The scanned documents can be uploaded and stored over your Evernote account and can be accessed from anywhere.



If you’re on iOS system, Evernote’s Scannable is the one stop solution for your scanning problems.

Good practices while scanning documents from your smartphones:

  • Ensure that the images are captured from the correct angle by placing the camera parallel to the image and thereby capturing all the edges of the document.
  • Try to take a snap by placing the phone as close as possible so that the entire frame is filled with the document image.
  • Document needs to be placed on a plane surface so that the captured image is plain and smooth.
  • Avoid shadows by adjusting the light or using the flash of your phone.

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