How to Unlock GodMode in Windows 10 [Quicktip]

Imagine accessing all the features of your Windows 10 from a single folder! Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can have a control over all the settings options, advance settings and other system tools by simply accessing a single folder? Well the idea may not seem very interesting to a regular user unless you are a system administrator or an enthusiastic ‘super user’.
But the very idea to have a total control over your system resources is amazing and therefore it is aptly called the ‘God Mode’. So what is God Mode and how can it be accessed? God Mode is nothing but the ‘Windows Master Control Panel Shortcut’. It is a direct entry into your operating system that provides a direct access to all your settings, features and system tools and resources.

The God Mode has existed in Windows Operating systems for long and those who love using it will definitely want to know how to enable it in Windows 10. Accessing the system tools through God Mode enables you to access all the tools in a single window. You do not have to search for different system tools under different categories in the control panel and all of these can be accessed from a single Master Control Panel.

To enable God Mode in Windows 10, simply right-click on the desktop and select the New > Folder option. While naming the folder, give it a name of your choice (for the sake of this example we will chose the name GodMode). Name the folder as shown below:

[post-code] GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} [/post-code]

It’ll create a GodMode icon.

This is all you need! Once you have followed these simple steps, the access to the God Mode is grated to you! You will have the power to view and control everything on your computer from a single control panel. God Mode gives you access to all the system tools and resources and you no longer have to browse between different windows trying to find the system tool that you need. You can access it all from a single view by just enabling the God Mode.

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