Unable to Charge Your Android Phone? Here’s How to Fix It

Many of u have faced the situation when the battery of our Android phones does not charge. Despite the phone being functional, you are simply unable to charge the battery. You realise that if the battery is not charged it will be exhausted and then your phone will get switched off.

A very common problem faced by most of the Android phone users, unable to charge the battery leads to untimely switching off of the phone. When it happens, people assume that there is either a problem with the battery or with the phone itself. They either buy a new battery or get the phone ‘fixed’. These are however unnecessary expenditures as the problem can be solved easily. The problem manifests in various forms such as the battery not getting charge at all or very slowly. Instead of replacing the ‘damaged’ battery or getting the phone repaired, just try these simple methods the next time you face this problem.


Check the USB port

It is quite possible that the USB port of your phone is not making a contact with the USB charger. Simply remove the battery from your phone and use a toothpick to push the tab inside the USB port in a manner which brings it back to the normal shape. Once you have done this, just insert the battery and connect the charger. In most of the cases the problem is resolved.

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Check the cable

If you have already tried the first method, there is a possibility that your phone battery’s charger has a faulty cable. Try charging the phone with a new USB cable from one of the other devices. If you are able to charge the phone successfully, replace the cable.

Clean the USB port

Due to the dust or other particles lodged into the USB port of your phone, the charger may not be able to make contact with the charging point inside the port. This might occur if you use the phone in a dusty, humid or unclean environment. It may also happen due to overcharging. Simply check if something is stuck in the USB port and clean it.

Not sufficient power to charge the phone

If you are using a charger which is not compatible with the phone and hence the battery is getting drained at a faster rate than it is getting charged, try using a regular charger which can be plugged into a wall socket since such chargers can charge the phone much faster.

Rollback or update the applications

If you have recently updated an app to a newer version, it could be the reason behind the problem. It could be due to the fact that your old phone is not compatible with the app. Try rolling back the application and check if the phone is getting charged. Also try updating your Android version as on certain Android devices like Moto 360 smartwatch, it could be the problem.

Switch off the phone while charging

You might be running applications which could be power guzzling and hence the rate at which the battery is getting drained could be faster than the rate at which it is getting charged. Try charging the phone by switching it off.


The ultimate trick

A few simple steps might help resolve the issue.

  • Switch off the phone
  • Remove the battery and wait for 10 seconds
  • Plug the charger
  • Insert the battery
  • Switch on the phone

This trick works more often than not and will immediately start charging your phone battery.

However, if everything else fails and if you are unable to find a solution; before buying a new battery or getting your phone repaired, check if the socket where you have plugged in your charger is switched on!


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