How To Switch From OneDrive To Google Drive

Every week, we get hell lots of queries on topics ranging from Windows to Android and we try our best to sort those out in our “How-To” section. This week, someone from you (of course we can’t disclose your identity) asked us the process for migrating from OneDrive to Google Drive.

Well, actually this is pretty much similar to transferring files from one laptop to another, but for those you’re not that tech savvy or are new to this, we’ve mentioned the steps that needs to be performed for getting this done!

OneDrive to Google Drive

They may be several reasons why you or we want to migrate from one cloud storage to another cloud storage, but in most of the cases, it’s related to space and nothing else.

Microsoft One Drive and Google Drive is a most popular online cloud storage system for present in our time. And if you’re seriously planning to migrate from OneDrive to Google Drive, here is the complete step by step procedure…

So, there are two methods to get this done, i.e. to transfer files from OneDrive to Google Drive.

The Manual Method

Yes, you read it right and trust us, this is the easiest way to move your data from OneDrive to Google Drive, and is very much similar to moving data from one computer to another. Simply, log in with your One Drive account and download all the files including documents and photos and upload them manually on Google Drive.

Looks simple, no? But it’s not because if you have consumed maximum storage that you have been allotted, it will take huge time to download the data and upload them back to another cloud, i.e. Google Drive in this case. Even you have to monitor most of the process manually for any error. But if you have good and high-speed internet connection you can go with this method.

OneDrive to Google Drive

Note: Both the stated cloud service comes with Windows/Mac application and you can use them to sync files/documents between two clouds. You have to sync One Drive application to download all the files offline and then you can move them to Google Drive application folder that will sync automatically online.

The Online Method

Unlike the manual method that includes downloading or uploading, you can move your cloud or One Drive files to Google Drive with few clicks and without any your personal monitoring. This method works well in case you have limited time as well as slow internet connection. All time winner for this service is that work smoothly and flawless. comes with a onetime plan and regular plan.

Here we are discussing onetime process so you have to choose the one-time plan and it comes for a cost. As of now, there is no free service available with … but with such a minimal cost, it saves huge time and energy to get this done!


  • Signup on
  • Once logged in, select the One Drive as Source and Google Drive as destination and along the way, authorise both of them.


Once authorised, with the few clicks, you can migrate your OneDrive files to Google Drive or vice-versa!

Apart from this paid service we have some free cloud to cloud service provider and those are really sufficient for transfer of small amount of data or files between One Drive to Google Drive.

MultCloud: Free 2TB Data Tariff.

Cloudsfer: Free 5GB Data Bandwidth for transfer.

Otixo: Free 2GB monthly to play with cloud files.

CloudiWay: 100 MB (Free Trial)

Please visit all the above cloud migration services web pages and compare those plans to choose best for you.

Google officially have a page where you can learn Switching to Drive from Microsoft OneDrive . On this page, users can view both the service at a glance and compare them easily. But unfortunately, they don’t have any service to help users switch from One Drive to Google Drive.

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