Smart Lock – Unlock Your Android Device Just By Looking At It!

We know how frustrating it can be when you’ve to unlock your Android device every now and then, even for just firing some google query, as you can’t leave it unlocked and vulnerable. But what if you are at “Trusted” place, and by that we mean at your “Home” or any place, where you know that your device is accessible to just you?

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep your device unlocked during that time, so that you don’t have to pass security check every time, knowing that no one can access it excluding you?

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Well, you can do this manually every time by switching security check On and Off, but let’s make this process automated.

If you happen to be upgraded to Android 5.0, you’ve nifty feature called “Smart Lock”, which solves this issue.

For doing this, all you need to do is to turn on Smart Lock feature in your Android 5.0

Turning Smart Lock Feature – The Procedure

Smart Lock feature can be turned on by navigating to Settings. Pull down from the top of your screen and tap on “Settings” gear Icon.

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In the “Settings” Menu, tap on “Security”.

Please consider keeping any lock feature on, either pattern or PIN before attempting to turn Smart Lock On.

Unlocking-Android-Device-SecurityIn the Security Menu, scroll down until you find “Smart Lock” option. Tap on it to set the Smart Lock feature.

Setting-Smart-Lock-FeatureOnce you’re in Smart Lock section, you’ll have three options listed to unlock your device using this feature, namely Trusted Devices, Trusted Places and Trusted Face. We’ll talk more about 1st two later in this post. Proceed by tapping on “Trusted Face” option.

Smart-Lock-Trusted-FaceBefore setting this feature on, do note that face unlock option is less secure than PIN or Pattern unlock. However, it’s also the easiest method to unlock your device without doing anything.

Smart-Lock-Face-UnlockOnce you’re all set to turn this on, take your Android Device in your hands and hold it right in front of your face, in a perfect light surrounding where your front camera can recognize your face, and hit “Next”.

Setting-Face-Unlock-In-AndrodiDuring next step, an orange dotted circle will appear. All you need to do is to look at your device’s front facing camera and keep your face inside dotted circle, which eventually will turn green once it scans your face.

Setting-Android-Smart-LockAll set, when you want to unlock your device, just hit the power button and look at your device. That’s it!

Your device will unlock itself, which can be known by unlocked icon at the bottom of your screen.

Unlocking-Android-Device-using-Smart-LockNote – If your device is unable to recognize your face at any point, you can tap on Lock Icon and unlock your device using Pattern or PIN unlock, whichever you’ve set before.

Time Saving isn’t it?

Similarly, the other two options, i.e Trusted Device can be used to pair your Bluetooth or any NFC device, which can be paired with your Nexus 5 or any device running on Android 5.0 to keep your device unlocked when the trusted device is found connected.

Also, Trusted Location can be used to keep your device unlocked when your location falls in Trusted Zone. Be it your home or office or even other desired place. For this, you actually have to set your location as Home or Office/Work by navigating to Google Maps Settings.

We know how time saver will be this feature, which eventually will save you from unlocking your device every other second to check the incoming messages on WhatsApp or even mails or even for doing casual Google Search.

Let us know how this feature in Android 5.0 will help you 🙂

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