Saygus- V² – A Phone beyond Imagination

The world’s biggest tech expo CES-2015 has ended last week with many innovative announcement being made. So, out of many big announcement and launches, a little known brand “Saygus” had redefined the technology and made all competitors speechless when the company announced a smartphone with endless memory.

Yes, we are using the term endless because this smartphone Saygus- V² (also termed as V- squared) has an extraordinary feature which will thrill the world of smartphones. It is “a phone with storage of 320GB”.


And guess what, by the time your hand is rolling your mouse down, your eye balls are still stuck at “320GB”, no? 😀

This smartphone Saygus- V² consist of 64GB of inbuilt storage but the fact that make this launch famous is two massive 128 GB of micro SD card slots, which will take storage capacity the phone totalling to 320GB. What else you could expect from any smartphone with this excess of memory to that limit where there is no need to delete your data in order to download new stuff.

Now when there are phones already in market with 64 GB storage it would be great to watch out that what mark this smartphone will make on the world of electronics and what action will other companies take to cope up with this challenging smartphone “Saygus- V² : A Phone beyond Imagination”.


Now moving further here are some other specific facts of this giant storage phone which you should know. It is possible that the storage feature will mesmerize you but knowing it all is also necessary before betting to go for it.

Saygus- V² works on Android with possible root access out of the box. This smartphone also posses 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processors with 3GB of RAM. So, not only in storage capacity but the smartphone is good enough to manage all your apps comfortably. With 5 inch full HD screen (1080X1920), this smartphone should also be known for its borderless edge screen. Also, the phone has Gorilla glass to give it extra mode of protection. Both light sensors (front & back) give full access for you in sunlight.

Coming to the design it would be little handy for you in weight because of the material taken in account for the protection prospectus and little bezels fitted around the screen will give it a beautiful and eye stalking look. Also, the phone had Kevlar coating which generally is used for bullet proof vests.

To juice up the device, 3100mAh battery is provided, which’ll be enough for you to hold the phone for the best possible time and if we go by what developers state, the battery has performance same as the 4600mAh battery. And most importantly its chip will save 50% of your battery juice which means better stand by.

Another best effort by Saygus brand is its best in class camera. Saygus- V² has two high resolution cameras, one is the 21 mega-pixel rear camera with LED flash and another is 13-megapixel front camera for all Selfie lovers. Both of these cameras have auto focus capability with optical image stabilization facility.

Two front speakers by Harmon Kardon sound technology makes it best ever smartphone in sound if not less. Putting spotlight on connectivity the smartphone again prove itself best with availability to both CDMA and GSM facility. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and wireless gaming at 60GHz are some additional features of Saygus- V². Some additional but important features are fingerprint scanner, wireless charging.

So, with that plethora of features offered by manufactures, here is one more which will make you jump off from your seat, as this device comes tagged with affordable price that does not put much burden on your pocket than others. The company is providing this extraordinary smartphone in $100 less than the cost of trending smartphones. This means that the cost of this smartphone is speculated at somewhere between $200-$300.


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