Private Eye – See Your Incoming And Outgoing Network Traffic On Mac In Real Time

Today, while a lot of applications you use connect to the internet, have you really wondered from where you applications send and receive data from on your Mac PC? Introducing you to Private Eye, the real-time monitoring app for analysing all your live connections that go through your various softwares and informs you about where they are sending the data and information to.

With the help of Private eye, you can see and monitor various connections your softwares have to the web. Additionally, it also shows you the time of connection and the IP address associated with the software. However, Private eye limits you only to monitoring of these connections and prevents any kind of alterations to the connections that have already been established. But you can still sort the information by applications or by the incoming and outgoing connections.

Private Eye offers users a secured interface and lets them monitor and track where you data is going, letting you know in case if it is going at a suspicious location and makes you aware about taking the necessary corrective measures priorly. You can download Private Eye absolutely for free from Radio Silence website.


When you initially open the Private eye application, it will first show you the blank list. As various network connected applications on your Mac start connecting to the internet, either by sending or receiving data, you can see a list of connections being displayed in real-time.


For each of the connection, Private Eye shows three basic information:

  1. The time of the connection
  2. The application making the connection
  3. The direction of the connection i.e. either incoming (left arrow) or outgoing (right arrow) along with the IP address or host name.


An important note is that Private Eye shows only those connections from the applications that are currently running. Once you exit the applications, it seizes to show the connections. As said earlier, on the left hand side you can choose to see between connections from specific applications or the incoming/outgoing connections.


You can just see the connections taking place but cannot stop or prevent any connections from happening. To unlock this feature, you need to have an access to the company’s paid Radio Silence application.

Also, you cannot see where the data is actually sent over or the various ports that are involved in the connection or even the type of the traffic. Moreover, there is no facility to save the list of connections in order to be reviewed later.

In nutshell, with the help of Private Eye you can keep a real-time check over all your applications that connect to the internet and transmit/receive data.

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