Making Taskbar Icons Bigger in Windows 10

Windows 10 is finally released officially and is now being installed by millions of users around the world. Microsoft has stated that this version of Windows will be the last one and in future, users will receive updates for their operating system. It is exactly the reason why Microsoft has tried to make this version of Windows even more efficient by introducing certain subtle technical and aesthetic changes and one of such aesthetic change is the use of smaller Taskbar icons.
The new Taskbar of Windows 10 has a black colour, the icons are smaller in size. For the users who are not comfortable using smaller icons, there are methods that we are going to discuss here that can increase the size of the icons.


Taskbar buttons option in Taskbar and Start Menu Properties

The Taskbar and Start Menu Properties has an option to use either ‘small taskbar icons’ or the larger ones. To access this option, simply right click on the taskbar on an empty space and then click on properties. This will open the dialogue box with the title ‘Taskbar and Start Menu Properties’. Under it, select the Taskbar tab and the third option displayed under this tab is ‘Use small taskbar buttons’. If this option is unchecked, the taskbar icons will be larger and if it is checked, the icons will be of smaller size.

Using the application StartIsBack++

StartIsBack++ is a useful application for managing various Start Menu and other options in Windows 10. It is a third party app that is available for US$ 2.99 and can be downloaded from the website The application is highly efficient in managing the various display and settings related option.
Once installed, users can right click on the Start Button and then click on the Properties option. This will open the settings window where users can click on the option for using large icons. Once checked, the taskbar is refreshed automatically and the larger icons are displayed. However, if it is not refreshed automatically, the users can log out of their computers and login to see the larger icons.
If you install StartIsBack++ but want to switch to default Windows 10 Start menu options, you can visit the Switching tab and select the option that will revert the default to Windows 10 start menu option when you click on the Start Button.
Since it is still early days for Windows 10, there are fewer options available for tweaking it. However, over the next few months, we are going to see several more apps that will help tweak Windows 10 options.

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