How to Setup Windows 8 Defender Schedule Scan

Microsoft has re-branded their only in-built antivirus utility tool, i.e. Microsoft Security Essentials to “Windows Defender”. You might have seen Windows Defender popping up in your Windows 8.x machine. The step to include antivirus utility tool in Windows 8.x versions was quite a hit, as users don’t need to install any third party antivirus applications.

Additionally, this tool works pretty good and delivers the basic antivirus services. However, the problem many users faces is that, they can’t easily setup auto Windows 8 defender schedule scan.


There are no direct options listed on the main interface for scheduling Windows defender scan. Probably due to keep real time protection on or for some other reason. But, here is the way to setup Windows 8 Defender Schedule Scan.

Setting up Windows 8 Defender Schedule Scan

For automatically scanning using Windows 8 defender schedule scan, follow some quick steps.

  • Open up the search bar in your Windows 8 and type “Schedule Task“. Hit the Schedule Task option showing up in results.


  • Once there, navigate to Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Windows Defender in the left side pane. Once found, select “Windows Defender Schedule Scan” from right side pane and double click on it.


  • After double clicking on Windows Defender Schedule Scan listed in the right side pane, the sub window will pop up. Navigate to Trigger menu and click on Create to create new trigger for scheduling Windows defender scan.


You can set the auto scanning mode to one time, daily, weekly or even on monthly basis. You can even tweak advance settings as per your need. Nice and simple, isn’t it?

Doing this, you no longer need to do scan your system by manually doing it. Windows Defender Schedule Scan will definitely make this process automatic and will keep on scanning your system for any threats, bugs or malwares on scheduled time.


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