How to Remove Window Shadow in Windows 10

We are continuously testing latest release from Microsoft, i.e. Windows 10 Technical Preview features and new improvements that has been pushed.  Apart from new updated Start Menu, Virtual desktop and improvements, Microsoft also added a shadow effect feature for windows that looks great in visual manner. You might notice that when your put any window on another window the second window have shadow effect that looks cool. It might be possible that some Windows 10 users feels that this features may reduce Windows 10 performance. However, it doesn’t, but they don’t worry about this because Microsoft has added option to disable this window shadow effect.

Yes, you can disable this shadow effect permanently if you don’t like to have one. Here is the step that you can follow to disable shadow effect in Windows 10.

#1. First go to Computer properties and click on Advanced System Settings option.


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#2. Click on Performance options settings under Advanced tab.


#3. Uncheck the option Show shadows under windows.


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Here is Before and After shadow effect of windows in Windows 10.




disable-shadow-effect-windows-10-5That’s all. You can get back shadow effect by rechecking the same option in Performance settings.

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