How To Get Back Dismissed Notifications On Android?

Nothing will be more disheartening for you than accidentally dismissing some important notification popping up on your Android device. And the only thing you ever left with is feeling irritate and cursing yourself, don’t you?

Yes, we know the feel! Almost all of us at some point of time have been in the same situation.


Well brace yourself, as from now onwards, you don’t have to regret as you can get those accidentally dismissed notification back on your Android device.

However, don’t get too excited if you’re not holding Android device running Android Lollipop, as this will work only on device running Lollipop. Yes, you can use Xposed Framework to tweak and what not, but again let’s not go that deep.

Getting Dismissed Notification Back on Android

So, here are simple 5 steps you need to follow to get accidentally dismissed notification back.

[post-step]1 [/post-step]Firstly tap and hold on a vacant space on the home screen on your Android device.


[post-step]2 [/post-step] Tap on “WIDGETS“.

[post-step]3[/post-step]Swipe from right to left and tap on the “Settings Shortcut“.


[post-step]4[/post-step]Drag it to blank space on Home-Screen, doing which will give you options to choose from. Select “Notification“.


[post-step]5[/post-step] Once done, hit that Notification Icon on Home screen, which will list all the notification you’ve got.


So, whenever you dismiss any notification accidentally, just tap on this created shortcut which will direct you to list of notification. And yes, the latest notification will be on the top, in case if you’re wondering. So keep this shortcut always on your home screen to read notification properly, and don’t care much … dismiss as many notification as you want, because you’ve got the way to bring them back 🙂


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