How to Disable App Updates in Windows 10

Microsoft has redesigned Apps Store with the release of  Windows 10 Technical Preview and honestly saying,  the new Apps Store is more useful and looks great as compared with its previous versions. Now apps browsing, installing and updating is more easy and one click away.

We will surely go through complete Windows 10 Apps Store guide in upcoming days but today here is how you can stop Windows 10 Auto App Updates. As we know Microsoft have changed lots of options in Windows 10, so many of new users have no idea how to stop updating of Windows Apps.

Why You Should Stop Updating Apps Automatically?

There are several reasons to stop auto updating of apps and the top reason is that automatic apps updates uses huge bandwidth and this is not good for limited internet users. This is the main reason that you must stop auto updates for Windows 10 apps, if you are using limited internet bandwidth service.

To disable the app updates in Windows 10, open the Apps Store and click on small dotted icon (….) and the Settings. There are lots of other way to open Settings but here we’ve listed one simple method to open Apps Settings.


In the Settings pane, click on App updates option.


Finally, you can see option to disable auto update of apps. Slide the bar to No in Automatically updates my apps option section.


That’s it! That was all you need to do to stop auto updates of Apps.

If you want to restore to default, again go to the App Updates section, and set the slider to Yes.

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