How To Create And Manage Multiple Accounts In Firefox [Tutorial]

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most commonly used browsers and therefore incorporates certain functionalities which are user friendly and useful. One such function is the support for multiple user accounts. There could be several reasons why a user might want to have multiple accounts and use these account. It is therefore crucial to have the ability to create and manage multiple accounts while using Firefox.


Certain users prefer to use different accounts for different purposes. Hence, they might use one account for professional use and the other one for personal use. In several instances, a single computer might be used by different individuals, like for example different members of a family may use the same laptop. In such cases, it is convenient to be able to access multiple accounts from the same browser.


Google’s Multiple Account Sign-In Option:

Google allows logging into multiple accounts through its multiple sign-in option. Once you have logged into one of your Google accounts, you can click on top right hand corner on your email address. In the dropdown menu, you get the option of adding new accounts by clicking on ‘Add Account’.


Once you click on this option, a new tab would open and you can log into another Google account. Once logged in, the next time the account will appear in the dropdown menu. You can repeat this option multiple times and have more accounts added to your login. This option enables you to switch between the accounts of your choice without having to log out from one account and logging into another account every time.

Firefox Extension CookieSwap:

Google makes use of cookies for remembering your account logins. Using the extension CookieSwap, you can log onto different accounts and can swap between the accounts easily. Once the extension is installed, it will be displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the Firefox browser. You can click on it to manage your accounts and switch between these accounts.


Users can delete all the cookies to erase all the login data and hence fresh logins will be required to access these multiple accounts. The extension is useful as it makes it easier to swap between the accounts without having to log out each time.


Multifox option allows logging into multiple accounts and easily swapping between them. You need to install Multifox for your Mozilla Firefox browser. It enables users to switch between the accounts in an easy and simple manner.


You need to follow the path Firefox> New Tab > New Identity Profile. Similarly you can use the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + M. This opens a new identity profile in the browser and an identity number will be displayed in the URL bar. Clicking on the number in the bar allows swapping between the accounts.

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