How To Block Game Request On Facebook?

Needless to mention that Facebook is arguably the best social networking website till date, and many of us are just addicted to it, aren’t we?

Being the best social network out there, it also offers many third party integration on its platform, of which casual games are the one we all are aware of and have spent our time playing those Candy Crush or 8 Ball Pool and many others, no?

However, with this increasing popularity and user base, it tends to be irritating sometime to see game request sent by friends every now and then. We receive many mails from our readers asking how they can stop this in simple way, and to answer that, here is the simplest method you can follow to block game request on Facebook.


So, if you happen to be in the category of frustrated Facebook user, who gets bombarded with annoying game request every now and then, you’ve got 2 method to block the request.

Method 1 – Block Game Request on Facebook For Particular Friend/User

If you’re getting game request on Facebook from any particular user, it’s better to block the request for that user instead of blocking everyone, which makes no sense.

So, here’s how to do it …

  • Click on the “Down Arrow” button located at the top right corner.


  •  Click on “Settings”, which will take you to settings page of Facebook.
  • Select “Blocking” from the left pane.



  • In the Blocking section, scroll down to “Block App Invites“. All you need to do now is to mention the name of the friend you want to block for sending game request to you.



  • Once selected, hit enter and voila! You’ll no longer receive the request of any game from that person.

Note:- You can unblock the user by simply clicking the “Unblock” link given at the bottom of this section.

Method 2 – Blocking The Game Itself!

Ask yourself, which game request you receive more often … and no surprise, we all know that it’d be candy crush, right?

So, why not to block the entire game itself? No fuss, isn’t?

You can block game request and pretty much any game entirely, and once done, irrespective of who is trying to send you the request of that particular app/game, you won’t receive it.

Peace, no?

Here is how to do it …

  • Follow the same procedure of navigating to settings and then blocking section, as you’ve done in the 1st method.
  • Once done, scroll down to “Block Apps” on the right pane.


  • All you need to do then is to mention the name of the game. For instance, I’ve mentioned “Candy Crush”, as I get maximum number of request for this game. Hit enter or select manually and voila!

Note:- To unblock the game request, simply hit the “Unblock” link given at the bottom of this section.

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