Guaranteed Google Inbox Invite : Grab One For Yourself !

Google’s new Inbox, which seeks to revolutionize how users handles their emails on their mobile devices, has set the craze among the users from last couple of weeks. We’re pretty much sure that you’ve also stretched yourself to get one for yourself, no?


Well, in case you found yourself being unlucky every time, here is your another chance to get one, and yes, by not asking your friends, but directly to google 🙂

Google has extended their Inbox invites for everyone, and will be shelling out another collection of invites, just for today, calling it “#InboxHappyHour”, which will take place between 3pm and 4pm  PT (Pacific Time).

What You Need To Do?

For getting Inbox invite from google itself, all that you need to do is just to send email to google ( during “Happy Hour”, i.e. in between 3pm-4pm PT.

Yes, that’s pretty much you need to do. Google will send you the invite on the same day by 5pm.

But, wait a minute !

What if you live in different time zone?

No worries! We’ve got a simple solution for the same 🙂

Say, if you live in India, Happy Hour by Google will start on 6th November 2014 early morning 4am (IST). So, are you gonna wake up that early, just to send an email to google?

No, right ?

So, here is another and much simpler way to get this done.  Simply schedule your mail for that specific time and go, sleep tight 😀

Yes, you can schedule your email on gmail for sending it to google to get Invite for Inbox. Actually there are two methods to get this done. Using third party service and using scripts.

And yes, we actually don’t want you follow the lengthy process, for just sending one email. So, forget the method of using scripts.

Let’s do it in much simpler way !

Schedule Email in Gmail Using BoomeRang

BoomeRang helps you to make schedule mails which will be sent out at the specific time set.

Isn’t that interesting?

Just navigate to their site by clicking here and hit the button that says “Add this to your Gmail“.

boomrangAllow the extension to get installed on your browser.


Once done, restart your browser and you’ll see boomerang icon next to your name on the right corner. Additionally, you’ll have one more button “Send Later” just below the “Send” button.


Input the recipient mail id (i.e., subject and set the time date and hit send later. Darn easy, no?

Note:- Only personal Gmail account can utilize Inbox features as of now. So, don’t send mails for getting Inbox invite for work mails running through Google Apps.

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