Extending Battery Life Of Your Android Device While Not Using It – Guide

Android phones and tablets are power guzzling devices and before you know your battery is drained off. Though you charge your devices frequently, there are times when your battery is either very low or completely discharged when you need it the most. The Android operating system and the applications installed on your Android devices result in fast depletion of your battery power due to certain processes and system requirements. There are however several methods which allow you to alter certain processes and keep your battery charged for a longer duration.


Using Lower Brightness Level:

By configuring your phone to a lower brightness level, your battery consumption reduces. This is more applicable in case of AMOLED screens as these screens do not lit the black pixels and only lit the coloured pixels. Hence, using lower brightness means darker screen and therefore more dark pixels which are unlit. This helps save battery power. Similarly, you may also make use of dark background for all your apps as this will also help reduce the brightness and reduce the battery consumption.

Doing Away With Auto Brightness:

Auto Brightness unnecessarily consumes more battery power. It is a feature which makes a screen brighter than what is actually needed. Instead it is better to use manual configuration for brightness levels rather than using auto brightness mode as one can always increase the brightness levels when needed.


Switch Off Vibration:

Vibration uses most of the battery power and unless it is absolutely necessary to keep the vibrator mode on, it is better to switch it off as it will save a lot of battery power.

Always Use Original Batteries And Chargers:

Original batteries and chargers are much better in terms of quality and hence it is always feasible to use the original accessories rather than cheap alternative.


Lower Screen Timeout For Inactivity:

Keeping a lower time for timeout in cases of inactivity is beneficial to reduce the power consumption of your mobile. If it is set at 2 minutes rather than 15 seconds, it will use 8 times more power before getting timed out. Keeping the timeout at the lowest possible level helps keep a battery charged for a longer time.

Keep Your Notifications To The Lowest Possible Levels In The night Time Or When Not Needed:

If you generally do not use your devices in the nighttime and keep them aside, it is better to switch off certain notifications such as vibrations, tones, etc. as these are not required during the night times or when your device is idle for a long time, like in a meeting or a seminar.

Switch Off Connectivity Options When Not Required!

If your phone remains unattended during certain period of time, it is better to switch off unnecessary connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data transfer and other messenger applications such as WhatsApp and Skype as these consume power.

Do Not Keep Auto Update Mode Active For All Applications:

Out of all the applications installed, only few are very important. Hence it is advisable to keep the auto update option off and update apps at a convenient time when the phone is sufficiently charged and is not being used. Auto updates update your applications without your knowledge and this reduces the battery charge. You might have sufficiently charged your battery, but auto updates would drain it while you are unaware of it.

Update Your Apps

Most of the apps are generally updated regularly as there are several new additions to the application. Several times, these updates are for making apps more efficient by reducing the battery requirements. Hence updating apps regularly will help reduce the power consumption of your device.

Switch Off Location Services

Location services are meant to help us and must be used only for this specific purpose. Even when not in use, these services constantly monitor our locations and this reduces the battery power. Therefore, unless you are using the GPS to find a location or want to use location services for a specific purpose, it is better to switch off location services.

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