Enhanced Security in Windows 10

Microsoft has introduced measures to make account logins more secure with the introduction of new security in Windows 10. Passwords, which have been the means to secure the information of your accounts, will now get a security enhancements. Due to the difficulty to remember different or complex passwords, people generally prefer to keep common or simple passwords. The security of such passwords therefore become an issue and hence they are easier to be hacked.


With the new Windows Hello and Passport features, Microsoft has increased the level of security of your logins by developing methods to authenticate your login credentials by incorporating this two factor authentication.
Hello uses the biometric data of the users for logins. The technology scans the face of the users and is more advanced than other technologies that also scan the faces. Unlike other face scanning technologies, Hello creates a 3 dimensional map of the face based on the scans. In several of the other technologies that scan faces, holding a photograph of the user in front of the camera led to authentication. This flaw has been eliminated in Hello. The technology does not transmit the data over the internet but rather uses the hardware inbuilt into the computer system which then invokes the second authentication method, ‘Passport’.


Passport was introduced by Microsoft a few years ago as a single sign on password and is currently being used as the Microsoft password for various services such as Skype, Xbox and Microsoft mail accounts.
Once Passport authentication is invoked by Hello, the computer activates a public key for logging users into various accounts. This ensures that no confidential data such as the passwords are transmitted over the internet. The public key relies upon asymmetric cryptography for logging users online and is much more secure than passwords.
This process of incorporating Hello and Passport makes it easier and safer for users to log into their various accounts online without having to remember multiple complicated passwords. It helps them save their time and efforts and makes it much safer to use their various accounts that have sensitive information.

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