Best Screen Recording Tools

Screen recording refers to capturing the activities which happen on a computer screen and creating video files of these activities. While a screenshot is just an image of a single instance of the screen, screen recordings are longer videos of the screen activities. These are general useful in cases where users want to create demonstrations or walkthroughs of certain actions on the screen, like explaining the procedure for installing a software.


You can record the activities which take place on the screen of your computer and share it with your friends, colleagues or on social media websites. So next time if you want to capture videos of some tricks which you are aware of, you can do it in a simple manner!

For this purpose, there are some efficient tools which are available and enable you to record your screen in an efficient manner.


Ezvid is a screen recorder and has a video editor incorporated in the application. You can use this application to record the screen and create a video, split it and add text to it. The video can be directly uploaded to YouTube through the application. The tool has a gaming mode for gamers to record the game’s windowed mode. The application has a small collection of music clips which can be added to the video. Similarly using the editor tool of the application, you can add other videos, pictures and your own voice to the recorded video.



Screenr is an online tool for recording your screen and does not require any installation to be done on your local computer. You can logon to the application’s website using any of your social media accounts such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo and Windows Live. Once you have created your account, you can bookmark the application so that you do not have to visit the application website every time. Screenr allows you to record your screen activities for up to 5 minutes and also specify the screen area which you want to capture in your recording. The application requires your computer to have Java installed on it to work. The recordings can be uploaded on YouTube directly or you can export them to MP4 format and save on your computer.


CamStudio is a screen recorder with several tweaking options. The application allows recording the entire screen area or only a specified area. Hence, if you want to capture a specific area of your screen, say like an installation window and do not want the other portions to be covered, you can select the specific area. The program allows you to enable or to disable mouse while recording videos. You can either record the sound from the program to be added to the video or record your own sound from the microphone. Similarly, you can also choose to mute the sound. You can record the videos at different FPS or Frames Per Second and accordingly create the videos. Lower FPS will allow you to capture time lapsed videos and higher FPS will let you capture videos in real time.


Webinaria is a simple application for recording your computer screen. It allows you to record either your entire screen or a customised selection or a particular application window. There are 3 different frames per second options for capturing videos; these are 5, 10 and 15 FPS. The output files will be generated in the AVI format.


Rylstim Screen Recorder:

Rylstim Screen Recorder is a basic recorder and a very simple application to use. It starts recording as soon as you hit the start button and captures the activities on your screen. It does not require any configuration and has fewer options. Hence, it is a good application for those who want to use a simple application which just simply records the screen. You can however specify if the mouse clicks are to be kept visible in the recorded videos. If you enable the clicks, they will appear as red ripple at the cursor point when you use the left clicks and when you use the right clicks, they will appear as green dots.


There are many other screen recording tools available, however, these are some of the known and most used tools out there.

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