5 Best Portable Gaming Devices That are Dream to Owe For Every Gamer!

Who does not like some hardcore gaming? Everybody out there is fond of playing, however, some of them are crazy about their gaming devices. And needless to say that the best are the gaming devices that are portable. Well, one can take them anywhere and play whenever the addiction rises. Such people are eagerly waiting for any new game or device that is soon to be launched in the market. Also, they like to collect and when you meet them, they will be boasting about all the cool portable gaming devices they owe …no?

For judging a gaming freak, it is best to ask what is the latest gadget they owns. They will surely be having the latest one, obviously if they can afford it. So, if you belongs to die hard gaming arena or just wants to be the new member there … you must be knowing what are the latest 5 Best Portable Gaming devices in the market this year, no?

So, let’s take a look and rank them in descending order, as reviewed and judged some hardcore gamers sitting somewhere with their addiction 😀

5 Best Portable Gaming Device

5. Nintendo 2D

This is one affordable, portable gaming system that provides the best features in the 3DS family. Though it is one step down from its 3DS counterpart, still it holds some exciting features, which makes it excessively popular. The clarity from the two LCD glasses on the video panel and the light weight (9 ounces) are the biggest two reasons. The reason that this gaming device is last on the 5 Best Portable Gaming Device list is its battery life, which is only 3.5 hours.


4. Wikipad

Imagine a tablet that is fully functional as a gaming device. This is what Wikipad is. The best part about it is the full control panel that makes the gaming experience even better. The HD display of 7-inch in size is just great for gaming and video display. The main reason why this stands out and is part of the best gaming system is that full controller that has a panel and buttons for smoother gaming experience.


For every die hard gamer, this gaming device is must to have in their arsenal.

3. Nvidia Shield

This boy is rated amongst the top 5 best portable gaming devices because of this awesome feature where mobile streaming can be done on a PC console. The fabulously powerful display on 5 inch screen and a battery life of 6 hours is another reason. However, to support mobile PC streaming, PC must have GeForce graphics card.


2. Sony Play Station Vita

Offering improvement over the designs and battery life from the previous versions, Sony Play Station Vita is another immensely popular portable gaming device. The device supports hell lot of games and maintains the legacy of Sony Play Station, giving great quality, improved visuals and much better gaming experience. Though one can add a memory card to the device, but, it has to be of Sony’s brand, which is more expensive compared to others, and is the only drawback of this great portable gaming system.


1. Nintendo 3DS XL

The gaming devices ruling and holding top most position in this list of 5 best portable gaming devices is none other than Nintendo 3DS XL. This baby has two huge screens, which is definitely a dream for all the gamers, which is 3D glass-free and can proudly support some of the most amazing games, which other devices cannot even think of supporting. This easy to use the gaming system stands unmatched in its gold position!



So, if you belong to game freak category, you must include some of these listed portable gaming system into your arsenal. If we missed some great gaming system here, do drop your comments below and let us know your favourite gaming device without which you can’t live.

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