360 Degree Videos on YouTube

Are you getting bored from seeing all normal videos regularly on YouTube? Do you want something new and interesting? Guess what? If the sources are to be believed, YouTube is almost ready to allow adding 360 degree videos.

Sounds exciting,  no?


Yes, this news will definitely make you jump off from your seats. According to the recent report, YouTube is working to add 360 degree module with one of the latest updates in their framework, firstly reported by Gizmodo.

With various cameras in the line for coming in the market, which can captures 360 degree videos like “The Ricoh Theta” or “Blubcam” allowing you to capture 360 degree images and even record videos, this addition by YouTube will surely add new perspective . Another point behind this is the experiments done by cameramen during recording any video with as many as different ways possible. For this condition YouTube has to work very efficiently and that is the main reason behind this update.

Thus if you had recorded any video with this 360 degree view … keep it safe, as you will experience a new way of watching videos with this new update by You Tube.


Still there are confusions as it is not clear till now that if viewers can see these 360 degree videos comfortably on their system, laptop or mobile as it is hardly possible for anyone to see these videos without any virtual supporting system. However, as said, if resources are to be believed, this new feature will be made public in 2nd quarter of this year.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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